Your Fate Is Sealed

by Acolytes of Moros



CD-R Jewelcase, self-financed (100 copies)


released June 2, 2011

Artwork by Linn Johansson
Band photo by David Ericksson



all rights reserved


Acolytes of Moros Sweden


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Track Name: The Altar
Once again you see the darkness of doom
(Stand) before you
The hourglass is broken, beyond repair
The sands of time are about to run out
Vanishing before your eyes

Upon the Altar of Moros
The Acolytes are chanting
Worshippers of the personification of impending doom
The ancient seals are breaking
Splitting open like a bleeding wound
Our fate is sealed

You see the souls
Of those long gone
Appear before your eyes
To watch this bizarre ceremony

As long as the lord of the altar watches over you
No one will escape
The sight of the doom god
Track Name: Lost Realms
Leading to trance-like states of mind
Allowing you to explore
The lost realms, long forgotten

Is this a dream or is this real?
The truth lies before you
As you enter the twilight zone

Pitchblack sight, unable to see
By physical means
Floating sensations that you
never experienced before

Pull yourself from your body
With your astral arms
Pull yourself out
And float within a world
Where physical laws don't exist

The mysteries of the limitless mind
Are far beyond an atheistic view
And that raises the questions:
Who is the creator of these planes
And is there such a thing as limits?
Track Name: I Suffer In Silence
Vast desert lands inhabitated by vapid creatures
Soulless marionettes dancing under the crucifix
Dressed in emotionless masks of rotting flesh

Leading the children to the sacrifical chamber
As the women are raped for fun at the amphitheatre
And the old ones are digging their own graves

You're a slave bred under the lash of the whip
Draining yourself to satisfy the master's greed
Then killing your neighbour over a can of beer

You will never awake from the dreamless slumber
Only death can cure the disease that you carry
'Cause you've been dwelling in the darkness for far too long

I've had enough of this hell-hole,
This poisonous wine is my only company
A toast for the flames to cleanse this earth
When I'm gone tomorrow, I hope to be free

Ixtab, protect me as I enter realms unknown...