It came crawling down the mountainside
Concealed by the cloak of the wind
An unwanted seed took root in my mind
And thoughts of gloom began to thrive
All my fundamental beliefs started to crumble

This hellish breeze trapped within my head
Distorts my mind more with every passing day
Haunts me with visions of creatures that shouldn't be

The weight in my chest is heavier than lead
When I understand that these visions are real
Why am I not allowed to gain access to the vault of light

Accompanied by my fiends, I am nothing other than a hollow shell
Tainted by their corruption and condemned to a living hell
When they whisper silently, I know my path is foretold

The only answer to corruption is self-destruction


from Strength for a New Dawn / The Bitter Wind, released May 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Acolytes of Moros Sweden


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