Illusions of Progress

by Acolytes of Moros

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MCD Jewelcase by Odmetnik (1000 copies)


released October 1, 2013

Logo by Linda Nygren
Artwork by Linn Johansson
Band photo by "the Devil's" Markus Ala-Poikela



all rights reserved


Acolytes of Moros Sweden


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Track Name: Enlightenment Through Shadows
Lying in your bed
Feeling the relaxation
Take over your body
The mind starts to drift away
Towards uncontrolled thoughts
That you realize are controlled
But untamed and new

Heavy vibrations runs through your body
From your feet to your face
The vibrations are spreading
Aspects that does not have its roots
In the physical world reveals itself

Buzzing sounds and falling sensations
Cool breaths and voices calling your name
It seems that your receive them all
Through your physical senses
Yet you notice some difference
A clarity that your normal senses would not reveal

Hard pressure towards the solar plexus
Drawn towards the roof even though
You lie still in your bed
One further step of relaxation
Releases your astral self

Frozen in the air, and then uncontrolled movements
Searching for shadows, searching for gateways
Once found and embraced
The shadow will shimmer like a lake
And will offer you deep knowledge

Enlightenment is not reached by imagining light
But by exploring the darkness
Track Name: Frozen Landscape
Frozen, so frozen
The snow surrounds you
Chilling miserable thoughts cross your mind
As you think of a way out of this frozen wasteland

When the cold winds blow
And you start to tremble in despair
You start to think back
Of what you have done during your life

You hear a faint whispering in the wind
As you listens carefully, you realize
What this is all about

You are trapped within the freezing roof of the world
With only the wind to sing the tale of your doom

Rest now...
Because your journey has just begun
Track Name: Reduced to Acquiescence
A word that keeps coming back to me
If everything will end in due time
What is the use of trying?

The feeling of joy returns once in a while
But it will always be short-lived
Being blind to the side-effects;
The blow will be harder every time

Death is always welcome in my thoughts
Yet when invoked
Fright will appear

The dominant darkness rules my torn domain
What I think is meaningless
Is valuable to others
People do not see the world as I see it

They see happiness behind every corner
What I see is death and darkness lurking
Behind every corner
This world is not meant to be
For me

I feel lost in my own emotions
I cry for a way out
But the road I wish to take
Is not mine to find...